how to remain focused and work at ease under pressure? No one knows. We’ll tell you how.

The desire to have a stress-free work and a peaceful life is everywhere. You as an entrepreneur is no exception to stress and pressure. The intensity and type of stress may differ from every other person you meet, but everyone sail in the same boat. You can get some help from yoga.

Yoga for entrepreneurs has nothing to do with any religious or cultural transformation but it is a change of lifestyle for people who are constantly battling with market dynamics, environmental factors and in-house problems. These people are contently under the pressure ofmaking ends meet are always in stress. Gen sees yoga as a ‘means to connect with your higher self’ .


It is the unique identity that lives forever in the form of energy. The scientific laws of physics states: “energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to another”. As does our ancient Indian texts on yoga – your soul/spirit/higher self, cannot be destroyed.

It is our spiritual responsibility to follow our inner energy (sub-conscious mind) by accumulates positive energy within and around us to connect with our higher self.

Okay, but how does this benefit business people?



Physical activity in any form – strength, endurance and stamina training gives you a ton of energy and good sleep. Pursue a fitness routine and commit to it. It could be anything from a brisk walk in your neighborhood park, to cycling around the locality, to swimming, to running… what not? Anything is fine as long as you stretch out and work your body.


There are limitless benefits when you practice Surya Namaskar, Meditation and Pranayama (Breathing exercises). The immediate results are evident in the form of –

  • Flexibility: Surya Namaskar increases flexibility & best form of natural stretching
  • Improved Metabolism: A better metabolism reduces the risk of many health conditions: heart diseases, Digestion problems, blood flow issues, kidney & liver problems and so on.
  • Stress relief: By cleansing your subconscious mind you develop a better mindset. With clarity of thought and a clean mind you don’t burn out that easy.

If you want change to happen, you must change the images and impressions in your sub conscious mind. People go back to square one repeatedly because of this…


It is the law of nature that when you manifest positive energy around you, you bring in positive people, positive thoughts, positive actions, positive speech, positive outcomes…. Everything is all positive and happy. Things go the other way round when harbor negative thoughts and emotions. Life becomes dull, aimless and lacks joy. Always be of good cheer and be positive no matter what.


When you start thinking positive and manifest positive energy around you attract more good opportunities. With some optimism you can easily:

  • Find your niche (your sweet spot): learn, explore and master your niche
  • Become a guru (master): practice what you preach and enhance
  • Be a subject matter expert: Mastery is key to Lifelong success especially forEntrepreneurs like You.

Work balance management

Integrate these 5 elements in your 8-12 hours work schedule every day for a stress free work life.

  • Team, Task and Project management
  • Cash-flow management
  • Meet new people: clients, customers, connections, competitors.
  • Knowledge (transfer, retention, application): Read to acquire, learn to apply and explore to understand.
  • Planning and review: Review your Vision Plan and Action Statement at the end of everyday and plan your next accordingly.


Learn to align your Mind, Body and Soul to work in unison. By balancing you health and wealth you are bound to achieve this greater connection.


By Family, we don’t mean your earthly family but your ‘Higher Self’9has many names in multiple belief systems).It is the eternal, conscious, and intelligent being, your real self – the inseparable ray of the universe. It is the ‘God’ within each of us.


A stress free work, a healthy body and a calm mindset gives you enough time and energy to foster and nurture healthy relationships among other fellow beings – parents, spouse, siblings, children, friends, acquaintances and pets.


Unison with your Higher Self gives you the ability to tap into the higher intelligence to develop a more enlightened perspective on worldly affairs.


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