We are not a Non-Profit or Association. Period. Most organizations started and became something else when they grew big. It mostly serves those privileged ones.


We Empower Entrepreneurs and enable you to;

Chase Your Dream: Enable them to “Dream BIG” and help manifest dreams.Transform your dreams into “Burning Desires”. Make your dream a visual reality. Begin with an end goal in mind. Inspire Vision, establish a strategic PLAN, and be with you to take Massive ACTION


We act as your Sherpas!


We act as your “Right Brain” (or sometimes Left depends. Click and learn from the link provided, you’ll understand what I mean)


We will empower you to eventually become “Disruptive Visionaries” and Strategic .Thinkers by being your “Strategic Advisors”forever until you succeed.


GEN Uniqueness:

Matrix Approach (10X Growth Modelling, SSB Planning and Global Business Development)


Benefits of GEN

9C’s all under ONE roof


Unique matrix approach covering all 9Cs of Entrepreneurship Development under one roof.

The Place for Entrepreneurs

(the Bat cave, the Stark labs for Entrepreneurs)

The never-ending path to success is different for every entrepreneur, and GEN’s many benefits reflect that diversity. Whether you’re looking to grow your network, solve your business’s specific challenges, develop your personal skill set, gain access to premium services, or just have a place to confidentially share your struggles, We can share 95 percent of our lives with anyone. During Forum meetings, members discuss the other 5 percent –the triumphs and tragedies of life as an entrepreneur. Moderator-trained GEN members (not paid facilitators) guide the sessions, which emphasize confidentiality, personal responsibility, and the sharing of lessons learned. Forums do not exist to give advice; rather, your Forum members will speak from their own prior experiences, and let you draw your own conclusions on what to do next.

Only the very best achieve the highest levels of business success but they don’t get there alone.It’s time you got the support you need: GEN India is the place for you.

becoming a member and using GEN to network with other business leaders directly, you’ll learn from the experts. In our member’s only expert video section, you can hear their story and advice. You can share your business product, provide solutions. You can be recognized for your prowess as an entrepreneurial leader.

If you are an expert or solutions provider, potential customers will seek you out. Your current customers can even log in and write a blog and refer you. With GEN you’ll be listed with other leading companies, and your company may be featured in our annual issue of the best companies.

If you are proud of your company’s growth over the past year, you owe it to your company.If you are an entrepreneur looking to get networking and support, you owe it to yourself! Then GEN is the right Place for you.