Struggling hard to keep up with the changing face of the Digital world?

Stop right there. Don’t try to ‘be digital’ rather ‘think digital’

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Do you want to accelerate your business growth? Do you want to have a great customer experience through seamless interaction? You definitely need to embrace Digital Transformation for your Enterprise.

GEN India – Global Entrepreneurs Network is a collaboration Of Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs and For Entrepreneurs. If you have a very compelling business idea that doesn’t let you sleep you are on the verge of becoming an Entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur is someone who identifies and solves problems/issues with their business venture(s).Such a person is usually creative, logical, organized, risk-taking, open-minded, opportunistic and most importantly a self-starter.


You, by this time, must have understood how Digitalization has transformed the landscape of business operations, manufacturing, marketing, commerce, customer engagement… what not? Technological advancements have impacted every aspect of our lives let alone Businesses. Using technology driven business models to help an enterprise evolve is necessary for survival. But, to develop a data and insight driven strategies to create long-term value additions and sustainable growth, Entrepreneurs need to “Think Digital”.


Meaning, they need to embrace emerging technologies fully to tap the undiscovered potential it holds. Thinking Digital is vital for Entrepreneurs because it totally alters traditional notions of strengths and requirements to full tap the benefits of the realities of a Digital Business scenario. By “Thinking Digital”, we mean to emphasize on the significance of External factors in building effective strategies to promote your Business’ Growth.

Simply put, Thinking Digital works ‘Outside-In’. Entrepreneurs need to focus on the dynamics of the external parameters and arrive at a strategy to best handle them. The 6 major factors to consider during Digital Thinking are:

  • Customer experience : with your business and its offerings
  • Customers’ ability : what they can do and what they become.
  • Solving problems : enabling more opportunities for the customers and not instructing them.
  • Run, react & response rates : understanding the connection between information, motivation, decisions and actions.
  • Credibility : the potential to give good and compelling outcomes is the entry point to a Digital Market.
  • Appeal : usage of more visually appealing messages is crucial to survive in the digital economy.

When you start ‘Thinking Digital’, revamping your business isn’t far enough.

Digital Transformation is simply not incorporating digital technology in your business processes but it is a commitment to a change in organizational culture, leadership style, continuous & disruptive innovation, improving the experience of the employees, suppliers, customers, partners and stakeholders. Overall, it is a Digital Business Transformation.

5 Elements of Digital Business Transformation framework.


6 Steps for Entrepreneurs to Digital Business Transformation

The Digital Business Transformation is aimed at automating the 3 key elements of a Business – People, Process and Information flow. This is the major step towards great growth potential and it is the responsibility of Entrepreneurs and Leaders to ensure all potential opportunities are utilized effectively.

THE MIT Center for Digital Transformation and Capgemini in the research have defined an effective digital business transformation program to be one that addresses customers, operations and the business model.

The 5 Technological updates Entrepreneurs need to embrace in their Digital Business Modeling

Emerging Technologies:

Productivity Tools

B2B trade: E-commerce

Contalog | Goecart | InsiteCommerce | Netsuite | SAP Hybris

B2C trade: Marketplace

Amazon |Ebay | Walmart | Flipkart |

Digital Marketing

HubspotMarketing |Marketo | Moz | ActiveCampaign | iContact Pro

GEN, as a support network for Entrepreneurs, recognizes the need of the hour and coaches Entrepreneurs in ways to digitize their businesses. Our expert team supports Entrepreneurs in adopting the hot and happening emerging technologies of the day and also coaches them in the best means to utilize them. GEN coaches its members on the right means to a greater change and facilitates rapid growth and business scalability through E-commerce support packages.

It is easy to jump the bandwagon and make some visibility but doesn’t take you or your company further. The right approach is to empower the right person in charge of the change and with GEN you can be sure your Digital Business transformation will open doors to a plethora of opportunities. To understand how to initiate and steer a positive change in your company, you need to first be in the same space as other Entrepreneurs who face the same challenges and experts working to resolve them. GEN is the platform for Entrepreneurs to collaborate with Industry leaders, subject matter experts, peers & partners. This lets you have deeper insights on latest innovations and strategies to elevate your customer experience, marketing, sales, service and business success.

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