Finding ways to grow your business?

Grow it 10X: Make $10 billion in 10 years by Innovative Strategies.

If you’re looking for new ways to solve your customers undiscovered problems? Are you looking for ways to create systems to improve your operational efficiency? Do you want to know how to inspire and motivate your Team? Innovation is the answer. An Innovative strategy is the gateway to a 10X Growth opportunity for your business and the time for it is NOW.


The recent technological advancements, the increase in competition and rising dynamics of consumer behavior are making even the routine tasks arduous for Entrepreneurs these days. But how do companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google manage to survive all these and defy the gravity of economics?

They never stop innovating. Innovation is the key strategy many businesses adopt as a key tactic to grow in a highly sensitive environment.

Business Growth can happen as a result of 3 key drivers.

Investment : Acquiring more investments or reallocation of funds to core areas leveraging growth maximizing operations.

Performance: Focusing more on operational efficiency, re-engineering and optimizing commercial functions to generate higher revenues and greater profitability..

Creation : Re-inventing the business model, creating and adding values to business offerings for better performance at the markets.

Though companies can manage to grow by adopting one or more of the aforesaid key-drivers, the results are definitely not what we need.

What do we want? 10X Growth.

Sustainable growth is evident only if companies invest a significant amount of interest in the innovative and creative dimension of their Business model.


4 innovation strategies to take your company from drab to fab.

Proactive Innovation : Happens way ahead of everything else. It is executed in a well-planned and systematic manner with a significant amount of resources invested in it.

Reactive Innovation : Happens on the go: as a result of an unexpected tuen of events or a last minute demand of the situation of the situation.

Incremental Innovation : Happens in a piece-meal style with smaller improvements and minor enhancements to the Business processes and offerings.

Disruptive Innovation : Happens by radical enhancements and technological breakthroughs to create business offerings targeted at a niche market
with minimal cost involvement.

A Disruptive Business Modeling program unfolds the creative and growth potential of your business in 3 major steps.

Stages of Growth: Journey of a company towards a Becoming a $1 Billion Enterprise

Any Business entity to become a Billion dollar Enterprise must have some measurable milestones in mind. Only then ir becomes easy to achieve the greater goal of joining the billion dollar club. These milestones can be considered as the stages of financial growth of the business model.

GEN has identified 3 major benchmarks for every stage; you can have this as your short-term goals with a specific timeline to achieve.

  • Revenue to be generated
  • Valuation of the Business
  • Priorities for the stage


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