GEN Powered Enterprise solutions for your Business

GEN – Global Entrepreneurs’ Network is established with the sole purpose of supporting Entrepreneurs’ in their Business ventures, leveraging their growth potential and taking them to greater heights to the pinnacle of Entrepreneurial success.

As an Entrepreneur it must be hard to try and make your venture run seamlessly. There is always the unavoidable, unpredictable factors that pose a threat and brings up new challenges every day to your doorstep. GEN knows this very well and aims at breaking the barriers of environmental dynamics in the paths of Entrepreneurs by a systematic and scientifically backed wholesome pragmatic approach.

How GEN Works?

GEN provides an exclusive platform to it’s members so that entrepreneurs can CREATE a community by forming local chapters, COLLABORATE with industry leaders and CONQUER their market share as GEN facilitates;

GEN solutions are built on the 9 cornerstones of the GEN Matrix.

Eligibility : Every Entrepreneur Member gets (1-5) and Elite gets (1-9 plus SK Manor Luxury Family Package).

Gen Events

Weekly Events – Twice a week

GEN Mastermind – Wednesdays

TIME Zone – Saturdays

Signature Events

4 Major Events Quarterly

Corporate Sponsored Events

Annual Conferences

ECON – National Entrepreneurs Day

Enterprise 50 / Empowerment Fest