Now that you are a successful Entrepreneur

do you have what it takes to be better?

Do you want to shine and be the guiding light for your business? Do you want to inspire your team and keep them performing at their best? You, as a leader, must keep yourself ahead of the times and this happens only by continuous learning.

From Julius Caesar, to Winston Churchill, to Abraham Lincoln till Elon Musk: every one of them is a great leader in their own way. We need to understand that they weren’t all perfect and ideal. Each and every one of them must have had a flaw some way or their other, yet they managed to overcome those challenges and outshine in their domain. This transformation is the result of diligence, foresight, constant learning and probably a helping hand – a mentor, an advisor, a coach.

GEN is that helping hand for Entrepreneurs to help them, support them and guide them to the pinnacle of success. GEN’s Entrepreneurship Coaching programs are designed with You as the cynosure. Every program you sign up for is well-planned, thoroughly thought through and focuses on results.

The philosophy of GEN Learning encompasses all the 5 cornerstones of Entrepreneurship development.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Empowerment
  • E-commerce
  • Emerging Tech
  • Education


Entrepreneurship coaching is a personalized and supportive working relationship aimed at improving performance by developing skills, confidence and focus.

The 7 ‘I’s of Entrepreneurship Coaching


GEN’s Entrepreneurship Boot camp is one of a kind workshop in India conducted exclusively for Entrepreneurs and CXOs. At the Entrepreneurs’ Boot camp, you are given seamless access to the knowledge of upping your game to the next level.

Why you should attend the Entrepreneurs Boot camp

  • Become the New Digital Millionaire Mastermind
  • Learn Strategic Business Planning techniques
  • Have a Fundraising Finale
  • Launch your Startup in Ninety Days (for Startups)
  • Make 1 Million in 1 Year (for Young & Women Entrepreneurs)
  • Make $10,000 per month (for Solopreneurs)

When you drop in at the venue, you are bound to be taken aback by the endless benefits you and company could reap. Don’t regret missing out a game-changing opportunity.

Register now before all seats fill up.

You can read our Success Factor series – books by Dr. Shaan Kumar and unleash your true potential to be successful Entrepreneur.

The Success Factor Series includes (Insert Book covers with description, maintain same order)

  • Disruptive Visionary
  • Vision Brilliance Success
  • Learn to Earn
  • Milk your C.O.W.
  • Born 2 Win
  • MBA 360
  • Vision Plan Action
  • Entrepreneur Lifestyle
  • 100 Startup Stories


Learn how to become a Digital Millionaire in 2-5 years!

Understand | Learn | Perfect | Master


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It has become an untold mandate that Entrepreneurs need to embrace the technological advancements happening around, master them and utilize the emerging technologies’ full potential to their advantage and business success.