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GEN – Global Entrepreneurship Network is founded with the principle of ‘Entrepreneurial democracy’.By Entrepreneurial democracy we mean Entrepreneurs mentoring other entrepreneurs. GEN provides the resources, connections and opportunities that give confidence to visionaries which allow them to overcome fear and exercise their freedom to create, collaborate and conquer their lifetime goals.

GEN India is aimed at giving entrepreneurs a leg up on the competition. GEN is where professionals, leaders, investors and savvy entrepreneurs come to meet and work towards mutual growth. We are working to become the platinum standard of entrepreneurial success. It is the platform for you and your business to have the exposure, experience and expert advice from our Knowledge hub, and our network of Subject Matter experts and Investors.

Well, successful people don’t have time or sometimes ignore their responsibility, which is “lack of intention” to help and empower others. We are conscious about our building and leaving a legacy behind us! We know that helping you succeed is naturally going to help us grow together. Strategic Success and Knowledge Group MISSION is to empower professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

SK Group Inc. Vision 2030

GEN empowers professionals, leaders and visionaries to become successful entrepreneurs of the 21st-century.

In the next 10 years, our vision is to help and enable over 10,000 entrepreneurs to become millionaires, where by GEN community creates over a million jobs and generate $10 Billion to our economy.


  • By 2022: We will grow this network to 10,000 Elite Entrepreneurs Network with a community of 1 Million Members Worldwide.
  • By 2025: We want to empower, support and empower 100 Startups to become $100 Million Dollar Companies and take 10 Startups to IPO (TEN – 1000 Crore IPOs / Billion Dollar M&A or IPOs in Nasdaq)
  • By 2030: We want to enable and empower 10,000 Wantrepreneurs / Visionaries and Big Dreamers into become Millionaire Entrepreneurs which will create 100,000 jobs and $10 Billion Dollars into our economy in 10 Years.

Our History

GEN was formerly known as United States Global Entrepreneurs Association (USGEA). GEN is supported by tens of thousands of professionals, leaders, executives and entrepreneurs worldwide. GEN members are present in 11 countries and spread across 25+ major cities in North America, Europe and Asia since 1999. Majority of our members are located in Southern California, mainly Los Angeles and headquartered in Las Vegas.

Gen Events

Weekly Events – Twice a week

GEN Mastermind – Wednesdays

TIME Zone – Saturdays

Signature Events

4 Major Events Quarterly

Corporate Sponsored Events

Annual Conferences

ECON – National Entrepreneurs Day

Enterprise 50 / Empowerment Fest


If you are proud of your company's growth over the past year, you owe it to your company.
If you are an entrepreneur looking to get networking and support, you owe it to yourself!
Then GEN is the right Place for you.

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About The Founder


(Stage Name - Shaan Kaye)

He is Chairman of iGLOBAL Investment Group, an international angel investment and technology incubation house. He is Chairman of United States Global Enterprise Association (USGEA); an organization that promotes and nurtures entrepreneurs globally. Dr. Kumar is also the founder and CEO of California Intercontinental University, a nationally accredited university offering bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs.

He also serves on the board of H2B Studios, a hollywood2bollywood cross-cultural film production and entertainment company. He has served as a chairman or board member on numerous other boards and committees, including eVisions iBRA - International Bio-informatics Research Academy silicon valley, ERM Anywhere.com, Qsoft , EdNET Solutions & Technology Group, Sun Micro systems Asia Pacific technology review committee in 2004.

SK established global alliances with IT giants including Microsoft, IBM, Sun and established more than 150+ franchise centers and certified more than 200,000 IT professionals in 4-5 years worldwide.